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Monday, March 27, 2017

EdgeCom 2017
2nd International Workshop on Edge Computing

In conjunction with the 14th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC 2017)
11 January 2017 - Las Vegas - USA



This Event is technically supported by the IEEE Communications Society Internet of Things.


Co-organized by:




2016-12-05: The tentative program is on.

2016-09-27: New deadline for paper submission is October 5th, 2016.

2016-09-09: New deadline for paper submission is September 21st, 2016.

2016-08-19: The workshop will take place on January 11th, 2017.

2016-05-16: Latif Ladid will deliver a keynote on Crucial Impact of IPv6-based Edge Computing.

2016-05-06: The workshop website is up.

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2nd International Workshop on Edge Computing - EdgeCom 2017

The evolution of ICT has led to the diffusion of wireless personal devices, such as smart mobile phones, personal computers and wearable devices, designed to operate over the Internet. This, together with the exponential growth of the number of interconnected devices is leading towards the commonly called Internet of Things (IoT).

Such increasing pervasiveness of sensing and computing, with the consequent generation of massive amount of data, is calling for scalable and efficient decentralized approaches to data storage and elaboration, relieving centralized infrastructure at the core from part of the computational and communication burden, and pushing data analytics and knowledge generation towards the edge of the network, closer to the user. Such approach, called also “Edge Computing”, leverages the computational capabilities of virtually any networked device, including resources such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and sensors, which may not be continuously connected to a network. Indeed, the sensing and computing capabilities of interconnected devices have reached very high levels. Today’s mobile devices, for instance, are computationally equivalent to laptops from only a few years ago, while combining excellent battery life, storage capacity, networking, and a multitude of internal and external sensors in a single platform.

The main objectives of the workshop include:

To review the state-of-art of research in Edge Computing
- To identify areas of critical needs where further research can advance the state of the art
- To individuate and address the main performance issues
- To individuate applications and use cases which could provide the motivation for further scientific developments
- To create a forum for discussion
- To provide insights for future research directions and potential new research initiatives in these areas.

Important dates

Submission deadline: October 5, 2016 (extended final)
Acceptance Notification: October 12, 2016
Final camera ready: November 2, 2016
Workshop date: January 11, 2017